FriskyPaws Update

The past week has been crazy since ASE, we’ve been stomping a ton of things out:

  • Images “fill” the preview box
  • Icomoon support
  • Site footer
  • Support for all kinds of social media
  • Admin control panel
  • Reset password functionality
  • User account confirmation
  • Email Subsystem

So How Much Further?

At this point what I can immediately see before we go beta:

  • Moderation tooling needs at least basic support so we can take actions
  • Full audit and change logging need to be added
  • Some security checks are missing, mostly related to the admin control panel
  • Following other users for uploaded content is a must
  • Commenting needs to be fully implemented
  • Private messages
  • At least requesting character and artist profile ownership

And How Long Before Gold?

  • Following artists and characters
  • Better tools for managing characters and artist accounts
  • Media merging tools

I may be a little off on that… but we’re getting close! I’ve been moving a lot of the smaller finer-detailed stuff to our Jira system located at, we’re going to keep the Trello board for features and higher-level concepts, while we’re going to move all lower-level (bugs, tasks, nitty-gritty) tasks to Jira. This will allow us to have a highly accessible feature-rich front for interacting, but a massive multi-hundred issue system without clogging Trello with nightmares.

I expect that the 0.9.0 (beta) and 1.0.0 (gold) releases to start to settle down and properly have all to-do work in them soon.

Images Fill Preview Box

All previews now “fill the box” on gallery pages, just a little visual improvement.

Image Fill

As part of that we’ve been keeping an eye on things working well on mobile (some minor issues still need to be addressed):

Icomoon Support

We added support for Icomoon, a platform for importing icons for all kinds of use, super easy for us to move forward with more visual elements. We use them for all of our social media links in the footer but may be sprinkling it all over for more.

We got a new site footer, nothing fancy, just our social media/site rules/terms of service.


Support For More Social Media

We added a ton of social media platforms we link to now, adding more is trivial. The full list right now is:

  • Dealer’s Den
  • DeviantArt
  • Discord
  • Etsy
  • Facebook
  • Furbuy
  • Furry Network
  • Inkbunny
  • Ko-Fi
  • Patreon
  • Picarto
  • Second Life
  • Sofurry
  • Telegram
  • Twitter
  • Weasyl
  • Website
  • YouTube

Social Media

Of course we’re going to clean up the profile editor a bit, gets really silly with all these social media items listed by default.

Admin Control Panel

We have some work done on our back-end admin control panel, the basics for managing Artists, Characters, Media, Reports and Users.

The biggest thing to tackle is tooling for report management.

E-Mail Subsystem

We added the boring e-mail subsystem, so we have some basic notification options.

Reset Password Functionality

Added the ability for users to reset passwords, nothing fancy here.

User Account Confirmation

We do require a valid e-mail address, so we added e-mail confirmation flows.

FriskyPaws Discord Bot

Some minor changes on the Discord bot went out with v1.8.4:

  • Clean up some old warnings
  • Prevent the bot from retrying status scans
  • Mixer notifications will no longer have HTML in them

Retrying Status Scans

We had a bug where Picarto’s API would start returning bad results, and our system would re-queue scan jobs. Meanwhile additional jobs were also being queued causing multiple jobs to all fire in parallel once Picarto stopped sending bad responses, this could result in multiple notifications going out.

Now we never retry jobs – they’ll just get picked up again after a short period.

Mixer Notifications Having HTML

This is a semi-fun one – not too much we can do for the time being other than a best-effort stripping of the HTML, so that’s what we’ve done.